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Have You Ever Noticed How Religion Hinders Our Relationship With God?


How can I love Jesus and Hate Religion. Cultivate a relationship with Christ and not with an organization called church?


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My blogs are meant to enlighten and then shake you to the core.  Religion, not God, has failed us at every level.

A parable was given for those within to understand, but those without could not.

Folks we’ve entirely missed the values that Christ has given to us by translating in the natural, the external, the fleshly carnal way of the man without. That is to say fleshly man cannot hear the Spirit of the Word, only the external meaning, such as the history of the Word, passing under the deepest of values and only seeing what our blind eyes can perceive.

This thing we call “church” has persuaded many in the thinking that doctrines, programs, institutions and even man’s image is what God wanted us to see.

We all live in this world, and the world itself is drastically different than it was fifty years ago, during my childhood. I have had no direct word from the Lord that the end as we know it, is near, but I do have a strong sense that something drastic is going to happen soon. Call it a balancing or equalizing, something is apt to happen, because I can’t see the same-o, same-o continuing. We, the world, are in an accelerating downward spiral of morals, and attention that we are giving to our Creator God. God is almighty and man cannot create Him to be anything else than he already is, but yet man keeps trying change him.

Man has not had a conspiracy to destroy himself or others, but man has been fed, and continues to feed others the hype and crap that our religious forefathers gave. Man still does not understanding the full Truth.

To those that can read this in the Spirit, leaving the carnal at the wayside, for neither are to be mingled one with the other. The Spirit does not speak flesh, nor does the carnal flesh speak in the Spirit. Those that are engulfed in the system of this man-made church, and especially those whose livelihood depends on that system will be offended. I desire to hit hard at the carnal system, but in no way want to attack the people in it, after all, we are all Gods’ creatures and made in His image. Gods’ true Church is alive and well, and waiting in the wilderness for the trumpet to sound, and it will. If you continue to read farther, it is my hope that your world will be shaken, and all that remains is a closer relationship with the Truth.

Listen to the lyrics of the songs below, for they are authoritative & powerful!

This collection of songs is Written, Produced, and Sung by the Artist- Kirby Dies-copyright reserved, however, express permission has been given to download and enjoy.  This is my favorite songs of his and each one has made a difference in my life.

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Greetings, I just finish reading your book “Hornswoggled In Love!   Unmasking a ‘church’ In Denial” and I love it. I thank you for making the books available in accessible PDF for those of us who are unable to see and use a screen reader to read. I would appreciate to know if your books have been translated to Spanish as my spouse does not speak English. Also, I have been unable to download the songs, each time I click on the download link, the song is played but not downloaded. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Reading your first book was very insightful and confirmed some of my own thoughts on organized religion. A connection with the living Christ is what I seek not going through a weekly hour of empty rituals that has failed to deepen my connection with our Lord and with my fellow brothers in Christ. thank you for writing and making your books available to all.

  2. It takes a lot of spiritual courage and perseverance to write books which for most people are nonsense and all but a superstitious package of unworthy words. This is why I really find it honestly satisfying and abundantly relieving to know that there are still people like you in this broken world who fearlessly put into generous pages the wisdom the Lord Jesus granted them.
    From the bottom of my soul, I thank you so much and may you continue to glorify the Lord through this rewarding endeavor of yours. I pray that the Father will pour you more blessings and graces. Amen.
    To God will always be the glory, praises and honor eternal!


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