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I listen, like everybody else, to all the rules and regulations that the ‘religious world’ tries to heap on people with their own man-made versions of what they think God is, and it runs deep inside me with disgust as they parade themselves as the leaders in control of truth.

The subject is again LOVE. We have been taught by the ‘main stream traditional thing called church’ of what love is, that many have been subdued into thinking it’s true; And course it is NOT. WE have been taught that God loves the beautiful and nice and despises the ugly and bad. Since God so Loved the world, (the people in the world), then who is it that is ugly and bad that God doesn’t Love? Since Love covers a multitude of sins, then who is it of the disgraceful that Love doesn’t cover? Since Love is unconditional, then why have so many placed these unreasonable conditions upon folks that don’t adhere to there platforms? Love is not just a thing that can be given and then taken away, a feel good moment, you must earn it to have it thing, or only for those that step to the protocol of these institutions. Love is not a thing, Love is an action, Love is a person, LOVE is another word for GOD.

How can we despise our brother and love God? Why would we try to control our brother with these many rules and regulations before he is accepted into our fold? God doesn’t. So these ‘things’ on just about every street corner come up with many stipulations for their club houses, that many in the world are turned-off by their antics.

Since Love is a person in the form of God, and since we are made in His image, we have then been given the capacity to Love our fellow man; and this is developed through a relationship with Him.

Please, don’t buy into this ‘thing’ that says to love those that follow certain rules, and avoid those that don’t. WE ARE ALL LOVED.

What part of being Loved by God are we having a hard time with?

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