Another thought

I have been in a relationship with God since 1975, and even through the trials of life, I have never regretted a single day with Him, but as I look around at these so-called institutions on most every street corner, and see what being done by organized religion, I’m appalled. Because the attendance of these factories are on the decline, they come up with every sort of gimmick that man’s mind can invent, thus leaving their first Love for their love of the power and money that these manipulations thus far have created; at least in their minds. When the TRUTH & LOVE of God is revealed, and it is being revealed around the world, then that which is in part will be done away with, and that which is Perfect will prevail through the lives of many. This non-sense of these structured ‘churches’ will probably always be with us, but for many, the freedom in a relationship with God, instead of the ‘church’, will change many lives.

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