Could you even imagine that Jesus would embrace one of these theaters that carnal man calls ‘church’ and participate in their outward worship of the flesh, of self? I can’t. That is exactly what is going on on these stages, and done in the name of Jesus, and called ‘church’. Come early and take your … Continue reading Imagine

Placating something?

What a wonderful time to be alive at this time and space on earth. The troubles and turmoil’s of this earth has not the strength nor the length of arm to reach within those that put their trust in the God that is truly in command; Almighty. Scripture says that this world is enmity to … Continue reading Placating something?

A snake in the grass

In previous blogs, (the ones before this one),I’ve spoken about the morality of man and it’s escalating decline that has sent many off to an unstable and defeated life of want. The word Gospel in its self simply means “Good News’, The Good News as God has given it to us. Have you ever noticed … Continue reading A snake in the grass

The Bottom Line

Let’s take a few moments and look at the big business of religion. I could only guess how many billions of dollars are made annually by the selling of religion, or how much religious merchandise is bought and sold in the name of making money. Think about all the music, jewelry, art-work, videos, TV & … Continue reading The Bottom Line

What a difference

There is a vast difference between loving our Lord God and loving this thing called ‘church’, between living with certain ethics and allowing the Lord to live thru us, between doing what’s right and not knowing how to do it any differently. When we try to train ourselves with great principles, beliefs, and integrities they … Continue reading What a difference

Another disception

The way I see it is; back when man disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and ate the fruit of knowledge of ‘good and evil’, and decided he was perfectly able to conduct himself with this new-found knowledge, and decided he no longer needed a relationship with God, but could now trade it for … Continue reading Another disception