The beauty of GRACE

The words have been spoken that the Grace of God is free and unlimited, but ‘the church’, and our so-called leaders, always want to add something to it. The Grace of God is simply unmerited and unearned, it is given to all without restrictions. The LOVE and GRACE of our Lord is so in depth and infinite that man in his carnal fleshly mind can not comprehend it, but never-the-less God gives them both to all without measure.
Most have been taught by religion that Grace plus something else, such as going to ‘church’, acting or speaking a certain way, being baptized, or any other stigma that man invents to hold their underlings in the tyranny of their own methods, but is simply not true. God’s Love and Grace is given to all without restraint, we don’t earn it, nor do we deserve it, it is our Gift from God because that is the way God is.
But, to have His Love and Grace is one thing, but to know that we have it is quite different, as only then, knowing the Truth of Gods’ Ways, can each walk with Him without reservations. To have a hundred dollars in our wallet, but not knowing it’s there, and having a flat tire, will give us but little benefit, but when we know we possess it, the problem can be cured. So God, giving us His Grace, and understanding that He Loves us, no matter what we’ve done, or didn’t do, is still a life that we have constrained our selves, if one doesn’t know it, but when one receives His Gifts, and understands His unmerited favor, we then walk away from the tyranny, and begin to walk in the fruits of His relationship with us.
For God so Loved the world… and all that live in it that He gave… Don’t let the centuries of false teachings keep you from walking in a relationship with our Lord. His Grace plus nothing else, His Love plus nothing else, is more than sufficient to live in victory from this world.

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