The book with the funny name

The book ‘Hornswoggled in His Love’ does have a strange name. The autobiographer couldn’t help but to use this word as the evolution of his spiritual growth, and the final intimate understanding of the precious ultimate LOVE that God had bestowed on him, and He had it from the very beginning, understood that all along he was captured (hornswoggled) in the Love of God.
This is a must-read novel about the life and evolution of a fisherman, and how he was captured in the unwavering Love of Christ. It took many years, in fact many decades, before the Apostle Peter could completely comprehend the vastness of the Love of God thru His son Jesus The Christ. Although this novel is fictional, it is accurate to the historical facts that this author could dissimulate from the many references contained on the subject.
Please, take the time to read this ‘Hornswoggled’ book, as it will give us an understanding of the carnal life, and the spiritual growth, that was undertaken place in the sixty-four years that the Apostle lived. Going from his youth, to being called, and then to the struggles that had to happen before maturity in Love could be reached.

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