A Changing Attitude

Through these past several decades, as I began to deepen my relationship with Christ, I noticed so many things and ideas that were taught by ‘these things called church’ that are entirely different than those taught by scripture. And today I’d like to touch on one of them.

I have spoken on this subject before, but think it’s worth a little more attention. To change our mind, ‘REPENT’, to change the way we think, “REPENT”, to allow our earthly way of viewing things to change, ‘REPENT’; the word repent literally means-to change the way we think about a subject, to put on the ‘mind of Christ’. When I was much younger I asked God to show me what this powerful word truly meant, and He show me a short vision.

Just like the oil plug of your car engine, I saw that I also had one in the top of my head, a plug with a bolt that needed unscrewed. I was shown to remove the bolt, turn my head up-side-down, and allow the old oil to be drained, to then be replaced by new. It was not that the old oil never worked, but it could carry me no further, thus it wasn’t going to work for the times ahead. I’m not speaking of simply changing our mind, but completely changing our way of our thinking,

The word repent, through the centuries, has been perverted and thus used as a weapon to beat many into submission, to ridicule many into viewing it as being looked upon as an deviant. As we are blessed by God, we are also being spoken to, by God, to allow ourselves to see through a different set of eyes, for each true blessing is another call to repentance. By putting on the mind of Christ, we no longer can think through our carnal ways of viewing things, but now have a completely different way of seeing the old transformed into something new.

The one thing that we all should relish and look forward to, is when God is calling us into His repentance. Repent-What a wonderful word.

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