To clear up a point

From time-to-time I’m asked how a person could join my ministry, and what they can do to be part of the team.
First of all; I seek no followers, nor do I want any, nor do I desire to be the center of any movement. I’m just a hayseed from the backwoods of Tennessee that God has shown the inner workings of these man-made, and fleshly ‘things’ that most of us call ‘church’. As stated several times in the past, religion simply means METHOD, but because of its’ longevity of use, and most peoples’ failure to seek an intimate relationship with our Lord, religion, and their formulas, are accepted as the standard.
Through these past several decades God began to reveal to me the transparency of these ‘so called godly orders’, with their ego astride the very foundations of their carnal methods, and was asked to show the few that truly seek the intimacy of God, that there is truly a WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE that can be found with our Creator and Lord. This silly made-up rule that one has to join something is about as far from the Truth as any can stray. We are already His children, just reach up and take what’s already yours.

I need help in getting this message out, and I think the video on this web-site can help many realize just what’s really going on. So, if you would watch it, and then pass along to someone else, I think slowly more folks will begin to see the truth behind the scenes of these carnal platforms called ‘church’.
If someone wants to contact me; go directly to
If you read the books, they might reveal something that’s been stolen from your life.

Just a small note from the hayseed; God Loves us, always has, it’s time to put the separation that’s been taught by these social-centers called religion, and move forward to His open arms.

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