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By-in-large most comments and opinions I receive are positive, and I’m not afraid of the negative ones, and would like to invite any and all to send me your thoughts at themanwithin1@gmail.com I realize that my viewpoint is not main-stream and goes against the grain of those that religious activities are a must in their line of thinking. God wants a relationship with each of us, and it sure does seem that religion stands in the way of that. The whole purpose of our relationship with God is to intertwine with Him on a very personal level. We don’t have to be full-grown, nor do we have to meet some criteria, nor is it about following some educated preacher, but it is about being intimate; and God is.
If one has to wait until his life is straightened out, or perform some ritualistic magic, or meet some man-made standard of obedience, then we have missed the point. If God so loved the world, and He certainly does, then why is it so hard to understand that, and receive the Love that we already have? This relationship with Him is not about earning it, or deserving it, it about walking in that which God has already set-up for us thru His Son Jesus. The relationship is already established, but to those that think the religious traditional main-stream, can easily miss it. So many get so bound-up in a certain way of thinking, the man-made nonsense of denominationalism, that we begin to accept their line of thinking, at the expense of the intimacy of our Creator; thus pushing God to the side to worship this so-called ‘church’.
Let us be aware of what an idol is. Anything that is not God, or His Kingdom.

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