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If anyone wants to contact me with a response from me, go to my e-mail address and leave a small note; Please feel free to download any book from the web-site, the cost is free. God has given me a message, and an opportunity to pass it on.
We have been taught by the mainstream religions so much that does not align with the Word of God, and their longevity of that same stuff, that many have bought into it as being true; but in no-way is. Just because it’s been taught for centuries, doesn’t make it a part of His Truth, but, in most cases, it’s all we’ve ever heard, and know of no other mind-set. God reigns on His throne, and is beginning again to reveal Himself to a generation that are willing to allow His change, a different way of thinking, that man can once again be emancipated from the walls that self-seeking religions has placed many into.
The new book “Unmasking a ‘church’ in Denial” will be on this web-site, and many others, in just a few short week. One might want to wrap rubber-bands around their socks, but this writing will reveal the antics and motives of these self-serving institutions.

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