Do we earn our keep?

Now I understand that most folks see something religious as favorable, and that a religious person is someone walking with the Lord. The word religion simply means ‘method’. The word method means – ,an act of doing. But let us understand that God wants a relationship with each one of us, and that relationship is not dependent on whether we’ve earned it or not, whether we’ve been ‘bad’ or ‘good’. For if God so loved the world, and He does, then He Loves us with a Love that none of us can attain by working hard, singing well, looking pretty, reading scriptures, praying often, or any such mechanisms of the flesh; He simply Loves us because He Loves us.
God is not One that is just filled with Love, He is Love, the Love of 1:Corinthians chapter 13, and much more. For God cannot lie, nor is he hindered by our inabilities, and for that matter abilities, for He has spoken, and He spoke many, many times of His Love for us, whether we deserve it or not. BUT, religion has taught thru the centuries that we receive His Love by certain methods, and a great divide of ‘good and evil’ has been preached in most every pulpit; and it is simply not true. For God does not Love with the type of love flesh man imagines, but with the kind that is unconditional, never-ending, and we’ve always had it, but somehow carnal man, and his techniques, wants us to think that there is two kinds of people; and there certainly is not, for all fall under the category of the off-spring of Adam, we are His; LOVED.
I am not sure that God can be hindered, but it is certain that our defects and inabilities can not hinder Him, but maybe our strengths and abilities can.
Even though all are Loved, many don’t walk in the relationship that He is calling us into. To have His Love is one thing; to receive it is another, and personally I think it’s against my relationship to have religion. I liked being Loved for ‘what I am, His son, not who I am.

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