A follow-up to “Why”

In the small article written previous to this one name “Why”( the blog below this one), I wanted to clarify a point.
When Jesus was sent to earth by the birthing of the flesh, it was essential that it was happening at that precise time. Man, with all his ritualistic formulas and his carnal way of thinking had polluted the very essence of the being of God the Father. Man-made religions and doctrines was what was sustaining the so-called godly men of the hierarchy of those days preceding the birth of Christ, and at this point in time, had distorted all Truth of Who and What our Father truly is.
Jesus was sent to restore the great gap that was missing. As previously God was portrayed as wrathful; Jesus expresses Him as LOVE. As God was portrayed as strict and with many expectations; Jesus expresses Him as gentle, merciful, and filled with the graceful tolerance of His true being. As God was portrayed by the scribes and Pharisees etc. with many scheduled rites and performances; Jesus came to set us free, free from all the expectations man puts upon himself and those under him, free from the doctrines that were invented by the carnal mind of man. As the leaders portrayed God as vindictive and angry; Jesus shows us all the wonderful Grace and Love that God has for all of His people, not just those that walk that fine line that man has put upon us.
Jesus was sent to show man that we can individually have a personal relationship with God without the individual schemed-up plan, or the self-indulgent sacrifice of our flesh. Jesus is to show us the Father of Love without restrictions.
All this had to happen at that determined time, or mankind would have fell inside of himself, with no other destiny than to wander off on his own accord. God is not just for those that adhere to a strict code of mad-made rules and regulations; but for all of us, even those that are still babes in the Truth.
When I look around and see the same things happening today, the precise doctrines of the carnal flesh, the yoke of tyranny that man is putting on those that are under him, just to receive that warm-and-fuzzy feeling of accomplishments, it scares me. Are we again arriving at that precise point in time that God will again intervene?

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