The gospel about the Gospel

All of us, from time-to-time, have been taught stories from someone, and have been taught them so many times, and for so many years, that those same stories became a part of our very being. On occasion we have sometimes learned, in later years, that these same tales were not true, but the process and longevity of learning them were so deeply embedded that it was hard to let go of the old information. When an informant, one respected of our trust, is the ‘so-called-church’, and taking up donations is their central observance, it may be a hint that we take a closer look at their views.

All my life, from my youth up, I was taught that the Gospel must be preached throughout the world, and at the time it wasn’t, but today many proclaim that this has been achieved. The Gospel meaning is literally ‘the good news of Truth’
Let’s stop a moment and see what the Scriptures have to say; read chapter twenty-four in Matthew. Verse fourteen says: “And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness…” In this verse we see that it is very specific about what is to be preached, the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’.

What is the Gospel of Gods’ Kingdom? What did Christ Jesus give to us that the religious leaders, and the temple keepers , didn’t have? What can we see and receive from our Lord that so many of the preachers had no comprehension of, or chose to ignore? Through their well-established prejudices, and their carnal need to be in control, and the longevity of being taught themselves, they gave us what they believed; but Jesus the Christ gave us all something quiet different. He, Christ, gave us the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the Gospel of LOVE, the Gospel of Forgiveness, the Gospel of the very being of our heavenly Father, which truly is quiet different than what’s being poured from these pulpits.

Man, in his carnal mind, has made-up a set of truths, and injected them into the minds of their parishioners, but these thoughts are a far-cry from the TRUTH that Jesus is giving us. They separated folks into ‘good-ones’ and ‘bad ones’, into those worthy and those that aren’t, those that attend their meetings from those on the outside. Jesus said that no principality, no ruler, nor anything in these high places can separate any from the LOVE of God. The Lord also said that He was thankful that He had not lost one of His, not one could be plucked from His hand.
How can we retain unforgiveness and still proclaim that we Love? To Love is to forgive; to forgive is to place that very act into a place of ‘it never happened’. How can God so Love the world, but not really Love all of us? He can’t. He Loves us all equally. No one can deserve it, or earn it, His Love is given to all, without expectations to any; God simply just LOVES us with His very Being. As stated in scripture that we are saved,(rescued and preserved) by Grace, and not of works so no man can boost of his ‘good deeds’, then we can clearly see that man separates with his religious doctrines, not God. If we aren’t judged by God, nor can we move God, by our ‘good deeds’ to be worthy of His Love, then we can’t possibly be judged by our ‘bad deeds’ to be unloved, for God is not moved by either. How can man judge his fellow man, holding each up to a set of carnal standards that were born of the flesh, and demand that one must become worthy before he is accepted, and still proclaim he’s preaching the Gospel when every word and idea of what’s being spoken is contrary to what Jesus taught? The ‘Good News’ that was taught by our Lord is simply that we are already accepted, already placed into His hand, already Loved by the completeness of God. It’s already been given to us, nothing has to happen for someone to be given that which is already his. Many don’t walk in this Gospel from our Lord because of the pollution that’s been poured from these so called pulpits. Therefore those, ‘our great proclaimers of carnal truth’, become instead the hindrance rather than cure.

Think about these thoughts, there’s a million miles you can run with them.
I only barely touched on ’em.

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