A little Challenging

There is a difference between those that want a relationship with the Lord and those that just want to appease themselves with their weekly ritual.
At the risk of stepping on some toes, and not wanting to offend any, I’d like to challenge those that want something deeper than the organized man-made religious centers know how to give. Maybe, they know how to give it, but if they do, the masses will fade away to a relationship with the Father instead of the one they have with their so-called ‘church’.
How can we appease God with all these unchanging rituals that are done week after week and have no depth of concept, or no personal intimacy with the ONE they so outwardly appeal too? How do we reach the Lord of all the universe with our greeting, song, announcements, another song, take up tithes, another song, and then listen to a sermon that has been rehearsed for the last week and tweeted to perform to the masses? Or maybe brow-beat them into submission?
If this ‘thing called church’ was going to work, don’t you think we’d seen some evidence by now? If this was a place to meet God, don’t you think that many would have beat the doors down trying to get to it? We’ve tried these methods long enough to understand that they don’t work, and never will.
God loves us all, none are left out, and His desire and so should ours, is to have a personal relationship, a very intimate relationship, with each individual as we press to grow into the depths of His offering of LIFE. Not just the life after death, but the Life that we can have right now, where every tear will be wiped away, as we cast all our cares upon Him. No performance will ever give that, He just wants you and me, the way we are and where we’re at. God is very capable of doing the changing, (if any is needed) all we can do is run to Him; IT’S A VERY PRIVATE THING.

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