Loving God

Occasionally I’m asked; If I’m against religion, then doesn’t that make me against God? To answer that question; Since God is also against religion, and has done away with it through His son Jesus, who struck out against those in the man-made temple, the scribes and Pharisees, those in charge of said temple; we also can align our selves with the Lord. When Jesus overturned the tables of the money-changers of the temple, He set a precedence that His True Temple couldn’t be made by the hand of man, nor did money have part in it.
The word religion actually means method. When we follow God and His Christ, it is done through the Spirit, and not by any means of man’s inventions, nor can we plan or anticipate what God is doing. God’s Ways are not our ways, and His Thoughts are not our thoughts, so to find a method, or in this case religion, will always be the carnal mind of man. We are to lay aside our lives, taking no thought about it, and follow Him. But if this happens, then what will happen to the structured ‘church’? It too will fall apart along with the rest of Babylon.

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