The mystery of LOVE

I will attempt to speak on a subject that I too am inadequate to understand, but will feebly attempt to express what was given to me thru my life-long relationship with the Lord.
Love is one of those words that really can’t express the true meaning of LOVE, the kind that God loves us with, and has freely given to each of us whether we deserve it or not. The way the word is used in our English language, and the way we use it, is far inferior to the Love that God is. In Corinthians 13 we are given a little of what Love is, and what it’s not. Love suffers long and is kind, Love does not envy, nor does it parade itself, and is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, and seeks not it’s own. Love is not provoked, nor can it think evil; Love does not rejoice in iniquities, but rejoices in the Truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things, hopes all things. Love never fails.
Read the whole chapter of Corinthians 13 and see that Love is called perfect. It never needs to be propped up and can therefore stand on it’s own, Love really never can fail. The Love that God so Loves us with is that kind of Love. We can’t earn it, nor do we deserve it, but yet the perfection of His Love never ceases; and this is contrary to what most have been taught. Our abilities and earthly talents, our proper attitudes and beauty, and our striving to please the Lord with eloquent prayers will not impress our God to Love us more; He already Loves us with all He has, and that is perfect Love.
If we were told to Love our enemies, and we were, then why would God not Love those that have malfunctioned in this world? To receive Gods’ Love, and to not know that we have received it, still hinders us from His personal relationship with each, but when each believes by faith that what God said is true, then we can therefore walk in His free Gift of Love.
Two of my books; ‘The Two Trees’ and ‘Unmasking’ expounds more on this, and hopefully can bring more of His Light on the subject. I apologize for the shortness that I have taken on this deep and profound word, but hope many will dig much deeper to understand the Love that is given.

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