The never ending Journey

Over the years, speaking of my walk with Christ, and learning as I walked with Him, I noticed that the closer I got to God the farther I seemed to be from Him. For many years this perplexed me, even to the point of beginning to question myself.
One day while in my daily chat with the Lord I asked; what am I doing and why is this happening? I seemed to be learning, and at least within myself, I thought to be gaining greater understanding; but why did it seem that the closer I got to you Lord, the farther the distance seemed to be from you?
He spoke to me, again in the softness of His voice and said; As one walks closer to My Light, and the Light becomes much brighter, the more is being revealed. And it made sense. As the Light illuminated more of the Truth, and the Truth was freeing us from the world and its’ systems, the Life that God is presenting to us, is far more vast than we’ve ever been taught. Thus seeming to be farther away, but in fact it is not.
The hypothesis is; Just about the time one thinks he knows all about God, one would discover we’d only begun to learn, and then after learning much much more, we would realize we really didn’t know anything yet. It is truly a never ending journey, and what is yet to be revealed, is part of our focus of the greatness and vastness that our God giving to us, and the things that the eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what our Lord has stored for us today. WHAT A PEACE THERE IS IN HIS INTIMACY.

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