One or the Other

Most folks go through life seeking no more than immediate gratification, no more than to appease their immediate needs, leaving the truth and the weightier things in life to be figured out by those that claim to be in the know, but in most cases know no more of the TRUTH than was handed down to them.

It is a fact, proven by centuries of self-righteousness, that those, the so-called church, hold but little truth, but shout from the roof top and bill themselves that the answers of life can be found inside their doors. If in fact they held the answers, the hinges would be broken off each door by those seeking the life that Jesus promised us with. Society has made an idol of these institutions that are made by the hands of man, impregnated them with the carnal flesh of the egotistical programs of the men that invented them, and then had the gall to call them God’s house when it represents nothing that our Christ was building upon His Rock. This ‘thing called church’ has not only not fed their sheep, but have kept them from eating.

Gods’ Spirit has been given to all of mankind, those created in His image, those made in His similitude, which we all fall into these categories, thus each of us possess all that was given to His creation of man, and need to look no farther than His Spirit that dwells inside of each.

Of course we need fellowship, we need the checks-and-balances of being with those that seek a deeper Truth, those that are being taught by the Holy Spirit, and in fact Jesus said ‘where two or three are gathered in My name, I will be in the midst of them’. We are to be led by His Spirit, not by those educated men of the cloth, nor by the many useless programs that were designed to make one feel warm-and-fuzzy inside, but by the gentle quietness of our God that lives inside of every man.

We can continue to choose these traditional platforms, the outward showing of carnal man, or we can seek the depth of an intimate relationship with the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords. The longevity of tradition is not going to change a single life, just ask those led by the scribes and Pharisees in the time of Jesus, but one man hung on the cross, the heart of man, certainly can.

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