Where we point our praise

To many, being a minister of the Gospel is liken unto some top-brass of one of the many corporations spread across the Americas, a CEO, a president, a title to be worn with anything but humility. Yet, many of our preachers call themselves Reverends, with a capital R, with the desire to be revered as more important than their underlings; to me this is a disgrace.

Yes, being a proclaimer of the Gospel is a wonderful action to be taken, it is an honor to forward Gods’ Kingdom, but it, also, will be done in Love and humility, done with an abased attitude, done as a privilege to praise our Creator and His Son, with as little attention to the proclaimer as possibly. To be revered as one of His very special people was not in the vocabulary of our Christ.

To think that someone, even anyone, would want honor and praise with such a title as calling himself Reverend is contrary to everything I understand about our Lord; all honor, praise, and glory belongs to our God and His son Jesus.

For a man to call himself Reverend is ludicrous, and to those that call him Reverend is almost as bad. We’ve slipped through the many generation of misguided teachings to no more than another corporation that call themselves a so-called-church; Gods’ Church is so much more. Any true honor that man has is there only because God is using him, and to God be the Glory.

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