Pride and Egos

After spending the first twenty-five years of my adult life in these ‘things that are called church’, and then looking closely at what man has stuck his unauthorized hand in, and looking past the façade of their exterior, it is not hard to see that these monuments of man’s pride and ego has overtaken our precepts of the CHURCH and who GOD is. Man has an inert desire to stand strong, be noticed, and strut what he’s done and can accomplish, but in God’s Kingdom, the only thing that matters; is GOD. But mankind has to somehow show that he’s the authority and author of what God really wanted, but in this case, has missed the Ark. No body understands fully the provisions that our Father has given to each, I certainly don’t, but I do understand that every provision has been given to each of us in His LOVE, and without merit, for none truly deserves it, but is given freely without measure to all; unlike what the religious leaders are teaching. If LOVE covers a multitude of sin, and it truly does, then how can God LOVE us, and still condemn us for our lack of understanding, or our foolish things of the flesh? HE DOESN’T.
When we quit in our efforts of pleasing Him with the fleshly mind of man, and simply turn to Him in trust and faith, and then seek an intimate relationship with our Creator; He is simply able to do that within each that we can’t do for ourselves.
Let’s not sell God short-He is truly able, ready, and certainly willing to work in those of us that will allow Him full reign.,

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