The problem with being human

Mankind, with his silly characteristics, rituals, and addictions to this world is the one thing, more than any other, that stays him from a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. The scripture says that we see through a darkened glass. and that is true, at least it’s true when the earthly eyes are what we look through. To see a tree, we normally see only that which grows above the surface; but just as much, if not more, grows beneath the sight of carnal man. The root is what sustains the tree, and since it lies within its element, can draw from the resources that it was made to be and continues to grow in strength. We, all humans, were created the same way. We have a visible side, a flesh side, a part of man that the eyes can see; but each of us have that invisible spiritual side that sustains us, the part of us that thrives from the Life of God. Our life is also liken unto a parable, the part of man that is not seen outwardly is far more important than our flesh can ever represent; we are already God’s child. Those that want to see more of what this true affords, and how it maintains itself through the mystery that lies within, may want to read a few of the books this author has written. The book “Unmasking a ‘church’ in Denial” will be released, maybe, by the end of May.

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