What is the Rapture?

In the early & mid 1800’s a new fangled ‘tool of excitement’ was invented and was called rapture. Up until this time the concept of what we call ‘being raptured’ was never a focus, nor is the word mentioned in Scriptures, but the popularity of this new concept began its’ rise to what most today think this event truly is.
The Apostle John, while on Patmos Island, was called, or rather caught-up in the Spirit, and then shown many things in the spirit as God elevated him to a higher dimension level of seeing with the internal eyes. In other words, he was raptured in the Spirit, but his feet were still prisoners on the island.
I realize that this is a sensitive and controversial subject, especially since it been taught by the contemporary men of the last 150 years that those that have Christ, and those that are looking for His return, will be, one day, be zapped from this planet. I certainly believe that many will be zapped, that is in the Spirit, to an elevated understanding of who God, and His Christ, truly are, but our feet will still be planted on this earth. Even the Apostle Paul was called to the third Heaven, raptured, but was there for only a short while before having to return to earth to teach that which he was shown.
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, God can call any of us to that higher dimension and reveal many of His hidden mysteries, and this has happened many many times in the past, and still today; and all that want this called-up Life, it is available to any. Of course for those that just want to ‘play church’, being called in the Spirit is something probably beyond their realm, but who know, God can do all things.
I’m not really writing this to teach details of what God is doing, or even the misguided information of sincere men of the past couple of centuries, but hope that many will take a fresh look again at the Word of God and see that not only this topic, but many others, were taught through the longevity of consistent misinformed information, that a fresh look will do us all good.

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