Relationship Vs Excercise

Having a relationship with God, and all the beauty of that intimacy, is not the same as having a relationship with this ‘thing called church’. Through the centuries, even millenniums, of wrongful practice has taught many that the clergy of these institutions has got it right; and this certainly is not the case. Because of its’ consistent practice and acceptance, many now take these formulas, because of their longevity and the promotion of their man-made rituals, as the same thing as having a one-on-one intimate fellowship with the Father and His beautiful son Jesus. We missed that boat. Nothing could be farther from the Truth.
Many come together on Sunday morning, shake and howdy our way to a pew, sit quietly with our hands folded, waiting on some person to stand behind this elevated platform and begin these so-called worship services. We’ll sing a song, they’ll make a few announcements of the upcoming events and sister Rosie’s ailments, pray some repetitious prayer, sing another song, take up an offering to their cause while the music plays, sing another song, pray again, and then after a few cute jokes, then begin their 35 minute sermon.
Where’s the intimacy?
We can’t program the Ways of God, we can’t know weeks in advance what God wants to say or the songs He wants to hear. Are we singing to Him? Are we singing to ourselves or each other? Have we strayed so far from the Truth that we think these substitutes will be accepted by the Father as genuine and personal? Not only can we say the these “things’ don’t work, they actually hinder many from having the intercourse of having an up front and personal intimacy with our Creator, and the true beauty of His Son. Somehow, man being fleshly man, with his carnal ways of thinking, has made a substitute, a counterfeit, because of our misunderstanding of the true WAY, that leads to TRUTH, that leads to LIFE. But many accept these rituals as acceptable,
How can a repetitious prayer, a certain three-way movement of the hand, bowing our head and closing our eyes, singing a few of the traditional songs, preaching one of the 89 sermons on the list, bring one single person to a up-front and intimate knowledge of the God of the universe; but understanding what was done for us two thousand years ago by one man that was hung on the cross can do within each certainly can, if we’d stop long enough to truly consider Him.
When will the madness of these promotions of self stop? This system set up by mans’ mind and his fleshly ways are doing nothing but promoting self. These programs, doctrines, committees, formulas, and ideas of the carnal mind is doing nothing to show folks the undivided LOVE, the unconditional LOVE of our Heavenly Father that Loves us without condition or prejudice.
Consider Jesus, He’s already considered you. The exercises won’t stop, but they should.
A child of God is a state of being. It’s not something that we earn, nor can any preform to deserve it, there is no place that we have to go, nor do any have to do certain ‘right’ things, we are already His children; but to walk with His relationship, we have to accept what we already are and who He already is.
Gods’ LOVE for each never stops, no matter where we are, or what we’ve done.

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