Some thoughts about our society

As I get older, and seeing the many different changes that are taking place, I sometimes wonder how our society continues, and we, as children of God, have bought into the line of thinking, that this ‘new and better’ will suffice as a substitute for prosperous living. We have been fed a ‘bill-of-goods’ from our so-called spiritual leaders for so long, that we still believe that each has to work, or earn, our way to the Graces of God; and this is not so. We, all of us, are made in the similitude of God, joint heirs in the promises of Jesus, created equal, and belong in the same family; His. And as long as man, that is flesh man, continues to build his empires of hierarchy, with its higher and lower levels of worth, the people will continue to feel oppressed; and for good reason. But if Jesus came to set us free, and that’s exactly what He did, then why are so many still bound? We are all free, and none has been left out, and we even have this freedom if we don’t believe it, but if we don’t accept this Gift, then it lays in waste.
My friend Kirby, which has written, and sung, the songs in this web-site, has something to say; listen to them. Get very quiet, and listen to the freedom that is said in each song, and extend these same messages to those that are still bound.
Check out the You-Tube, and pass it on to friends, but hold on to your socks, unless you’re well grounded in His Love. I appreciate you for coming to this web-site—Thank you ross

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