Tired of being tied?

No matter where I go, I see many folks that express their pain, worries, and fears through the way they carry themselves and the demeanor that is written all over their body, especially their face. Folks that apparently and obviously can’t find through this cosmos system of the world, and what this world claims to offer, a fix for the many ailments of life.
We are a broken world, especially a broken nation, and no dozen problems are to blame; the whole system is broken. We were, at best, taught from our youth up to stand up straight, put our shirt-tail in, get an education, land a high-paying job, have a family and be happy for the rest of your life. BUT, it don’t really work that way. Man has attempted to fill the inner void within us all with everything thing that this world claims to be the fix; but it won’t fix it. The inner void has been placed in every man to be filled by God’s Christ, nothing else will ever suffice. No great job, no education, no beautiful wife, no elaborate wardrobe, not a new house, not all the money this world offers, not a single thing from these three dimension can fill that void with anything but more noise; for special place within has always been reserved for God, not religion, only.
Look around, look back in history, not one single person has ever been fulfilled with the promises this world offers, except for a short time. This is called the man-within, the Spirit of Christ, and is continually connected to our soul, our soul-ish realm, and the two long to be as one, called the true marriage of man. BUT, then again, we try to fill that inward need with the things of this world, and that oil-and-water can’t mix.
As we turn loose of this world, our outward priorities, and give up trying to replace that need with the counterfeits this world claims to offer, can any of us find the true Peace and Rest that can only be found through God and His Christ. I think that religion has been a major part in blotching our way of thinking.
It does seem that it’s against our relationship to have religion.

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