‘Tis the season to be greedy

At the time, some two hundred and twenty decades ago, when Jesus was born, it was absolutely essential that the Christ of God began to be revealed. The traditions of man had, at this time, polluted the Truth of God to the point that God was no longer the God, but lowered to just a symbol overridden by the rules, rituals, habits, and formulas that the religious leaders had placed above the God of all Truth; their idols. If Jesus had not been brought to earth, with the Fathers’ Truth and Love, the accelerating downward spiral of mankind would likely have been total destruction; thus Jesus was born for a purpose. Not just any purpose, but the designed purpose of saving man from his own self. The Sanhedrin, and many others, had all these man-made traditions that were held up above the realism of Who and What God is, thus perverting His Truth into anything but Truth. The need was great for our Kings’ arrival.
Today we are doing the same things; perverting. Leaders, and their followers, have again twisted every Truth of Revelation from God into another tradition. It saddens me to see that man again has lost all reality of our God, and is justifying himself with all these silly rituals that bring no one to the understanding of Who and What God is.
This is what many call the holiday, meaning Holy-Day, season, but it no longer has any value to the betterment of man, but it’s fun to the worldly. The world invented christmas, and I guess that’s okay; but let the world have it back.
Not too many generations ago kids were given an orange, or a candy cane on this festive day, but those times are past. Today we can’t show someone that we love them unless a diamond is studded in gold, we give them the newest technology gadget, spend hundreds, if not thousands on some useless piece of paraphernalia, and even now we’re suppose to buy into this thinking of giving a new car as a gift. At least we can now see that the same downward spiral of the disintegration of man continues; “there is nothing new under the sun”. Where is it going to end? It’s not. Man, with his self-centered motives, caught up in the things of this world, will repetitively go back to what he knows; worldliness. Again I say, what the world invented, let them have it back. God people are to be set apart, coming out from among her; royal, peculiar, and chosen for a completely different purpose; we ARE different, and it seems like it would show.

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