‘Tis that time of Year

I realize how deeply involved folks get over the holidays, and nothing I’m aware of is going to change a jot-or-tittle. It’s the season to feel warm-and-fuzzy, by our giving of so called gifts, and especially receiving them.

In Luke 6:32 & 33 we read; “If you love (give) those who love you, what credit is that to you…” & “if you do good to those that do good to you, what credit is that to you…” Even if we lend or give to those of whom we hope to receive back, what have we done beneficial? Yes, we are to give, and to give freely; to our enemies, those we don’t know, those that can’t pay it back, those that are in need, and I guess it’s okay to give to those that we love as long as we understand that they are not in the same category. The purpose of giving is to help someone in need, not just to feel warm-and-fuzzy inside, or to show-off our taste of material things or because it’s expected or tradition demands it. Nor are we to give to strut before others what we’re doing.

The deepest act of Love (giving) is done in secret, not flaunted nor staged for recognition, but is the act of actually doing something beneficial for the other person with no earthly reward to ourselves.

Greed has taken over this holiday season, and if folks would be honest with themselves we can see how deeply involved we are with this man-made institution, how the pressure from those that don’t care about their relationship with God, has by worldly involvement, vacuumed many into their line of thinking.

Christmas was not celebrated a thousand years ago, and only a few celebrated it two hundred years ago, but because of the big business retailers, it’s a great hoo-doo today. I have written about this more extensively in my books, and may be worth reading about how it all got started.
Ain’t it great to know that God LOVES us anyway?

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