Trick and then Treat?

When a person first comes to the knowledge and understanding that he has problems in life, and sees that he can’t fix them by himself, and is drawn toward the things of God, what does he do?
In most cases he does the only thing that known to him to do, run to this ‘thing called church’ and seeks help, They, this so-called church, have advertised through the centuries that they have the life-line of all the world’s problems, and can redeem man back to the graces of God; but in fact they can’t.
Though this institution uses seductive devises, and claims their knowledge is unsurpassed in the answers toward God, and is accepted by most, but not all, that their man-made programs is the right choice; but in truth- it is not.
God is seeking those that want a relationship with Him, an intimate, individual, and very personal relationship with Himself, not with the unity of the established doctrines of the corner meeting house that sits proud with her many traditions.
What’s happening today is the exact same thing that was going on at the time Jesus was introduced in the flesh to our planet. At that time the priest, scribes, and pharisees presented themselves as the only answer, and thus no other doctrine, nor Way, Truth and Life, was tolerated. They just plainly didn’t have it, But they were so established, and making a fortune from their parishioners, that they would even hunt down those that bucked that system. Today is no different.
Jesus was sent to earth to show man the TRUTH of God, Who He is, and What he is; Love. God is almighty, all knowing, He is every where, and we are each made in His similitude, and in His image He created us. Not some of us, but all; for now we are the children of God. Not just the ones that act right, or go to ‘church’, or is accepted by adhering to a set of rules, but all are accepted. We already have this acceptance, but to live with that intimacy, we must by faith have a intimate relationship with Him to walk in our freedom. None can earn His Love, nor can we achieve it, nor do we by the flesh, deserve it; But God gives of Himself freely to all.
This is not the message that this ‘thing called church’ portrays, it can’t, for if it did the flesh could no longer be involved. The organization has a set of rules, regulations, creeds, doctrines, programs and any other trick that they can invent before anyone can attain their treats. Just like it was when Jesus walked this earth.
It seems to me that we again now need the same intervention that was needed two thousand years ago.
Where two or three are gathered in My name, I will be there also.

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