Which Way Do We Go?

Our environment, that is; the people and ideas that are in and around our lives shape and move each into the individual that each have become. At least from a worldly sense, our thoughts and patterns, our behaviors and ideologies have been swayed by a continuous flow of what has been around us.
Sometimes it’s a scene played thru the news broadcast, or in a certain music of that generation, or the crowd we hang out with, and even the regional dialect that we speak, but we are shaped into the person that we have become by the joining of the strength from those that are around us. When the masses are going in a certain direction we tend to follow that direction. I think that it is an inert desire to fit-in, and a sense of belonging that fulfills a gap that seems to be missing; therefore we join things.
Jesus spoke one time that we should think not that He came to bring peace, but to bring division, a two edged sword that will cut the flesh from the Spirit. And what I wanted to point out is the unity of the people of the flesh, and how many ban together with an idea or formula, do it for so long and with confidence, that it becomes normal, accepted, and treated as if it’s the right thing, but in many cases is not.
When we begin to worship the church instead of the Christ that is building upon the Rock, or we worship the healing instead of the Healer, or we worship the scripture spoken with eloquence instead of the Word Himself, then we have missed the boat. And that boat won’t float.
For those seeking an intimate relationship with the Christ of God, then begin to walk in the division that Jesus blessed us with, and this world begins to fade to its’ proper place. We can then put away our toys, our rites and rituals, our committees and programs, our beautiful choir robes, the fancy pulpits and engraved wooden alters, and then again see for the first time the Christ that is the Head of His own body.
Folks, the true Church is not about what our brains can think of, or our hands can do, or where our feet can take us, these were nailed to the cross; it’s about following God and His Son by the faith that is unseen, by worshipping the Creator and not our own creation. God stands alone, for no other god stands beside Him, let’s put away our childish toys and turn around.
At the risk of sounding harsh, it’s time to understand that ‘these things called church’ are organized to appease the masses and therefore resemble an entertainment center more than they are the Rock on which Christ Jesus is building His CHURCH.

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