The Way We suit Ourselves

It’s human nature, (that is our flesh man), that has a way to contrive or manipulate certain things to a place and time that our feeble carnal brain can understand them. We sometimes portray that we’re at a certain level, or possess a certain reality that just doesn’t exist in our being. In other words: we sometimes pretend to have something that we don’t, or to know something we know little about. And the knowledge of LOVE and FORGIVENESS many times are just the case in point.

The true meaning of LOVE is simply to GIVE, to give unconditionally, to give automatically, to give without thought, and to give without wanting anything in return; LOVE

The true meaning of FORGIVE, which means to GIVE forward, simply means to give, to give unconditionally, to give automatically, to give without thought, and to give without wanting anything in return; FORGIVE.

Now, I ask, How do so many claim to possess Love and still have unforgiveness toward another? How can one hold to prejudice, retain hate for another human, and still retain that their love is in order; it’s not.

Love is the action of giving, and forgiveness is the beneficiary of it. Since we are told by Christ to Love unconditionally, to Love our fellow man, to Love him in spite of his actions, and since love and forgiving come from the same source of God, then forgiveness has no other alternative than to follow after that same Source. They just go together.

Religion has taught many that there is a separation between those that adhere to their institutions, and those that don’t; but Christ Jesus never made that distinction; Jesus automatically forgave those that were murdering Him on the cross, for He Loved them the same as anyone that followed Him. There was no distinction, no condemnation, no separation between any. Religion has to keep up their standards of evaluating a persons value, that’s what keeps their system moving, and as long as they can oppress folks into that line of thinking then the money train continues moving. Jesus tore down the money changers that were embedded in His Father’s house, their so-called place of worship, and is exposing them for their unauthorized commerce still today for these same deeds; but they too are forgiven.

Our own self-righteousness is the reason why people are placed into ‘good-and-bad’ categories, and are judged whether they are worthy of forgiveness to suit themselves, but our Father and His Christ makes no distinction between any. God so Loved that He gave, and He gave all that He is to all, for Love covers a multitude of sin.
It is no different today than it was during Jesus’ walk on earth, the temple wouldn’t accept Him then, and neither does the church accept His Truth today. It’s not about suiting ourselves, but knowing the freedom of His Truth.

Father, teach me to receive the Who and the What that you are in me, and to give all of us the strength to receive your Truth, to walk in your Kingdom, to show the world who You really are. For You are not just a God with much Love, but You are LOVE. Place in my heart that same Love and Forgiveness so that I too will Love you through others.

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