Whining and Crying

Folks, especially in America, have become so spoiled, and have been trained thru the years of sedimentary living that when things don’t go our way, we whine and complain. In comparison to some countries, we have it made. Somehow we manage to whine and cry over just about everything that doesn’t go our way, but God seems to have a plan for those of us that seek His Way.
Problems, aggravations, and such, are not designed by Him to bring us down, nor are they engineered by God as revenge, but are given to us as a blessing, a stepping stone, for an opportunity to step into the next level of our relationship with Him. It seems that God knows every quirk and cranny of our being, every defect of our personality, and when something, or someone, can get under our skin, and distract us from a deeper relationship with Him, then the things that apparently overtake our perception become a blessing from Him. Each one is given to each of us as a privileged opportunity to see just what it is that stands in our way, that prevents us from moving to the next stepping stone of having a deeper relationship with our Creator: thus, a true blessing. We either get ‘beat-down’ by these adversaries, or receive them as reminders of what God wants for each of us to prosper in Him. God is the God of Love, and the Love that He has for each will always benefit us. Gods’ Love never fails.

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