Where in this world are we going

It amazes my how many in this world, especially America, are troubled within concerning the things of the heart. These ‘things called church’ bill themselves as an institution that has the answers, thus summoning as many as possible to enter their doors. If they had the answers, changes would be happening in an astronomical rate; but they don’t. It’s not the worship of an organization, nor its set of rules of do’s and do not’s, nor their man-made doctrines, nor our attendants, nor is it our acts of the flesh with our lovely songs and preaching that God is searching for. But, it is a relationship with each and every one of us that pleases our Heavenly Father, thus we recognize that the flesh has little to do with the Spirit of our relationship with Him.
This world, with its flesh-made rules, and its hype of religion of carnal man, has failed many in these struggles of life; it has too.
When Jesus is building His Church, He is building it with the inner man, the spirit man that has been placed in each of us; for God is Spirit and therefore must be worshipped in spirit, and not with these outward motions that are done within these businesses called ‘church’.
We have been tricked into thinking that these ‘things’ are the place to go to find the Way, Truth, and the Life that Christ is giving to all, but the fact is, they are not teaching it. It seems they’re more interested in our attendants that lift their egos, or to strut their find educations in theology, or maybe it’s to support their agendas by empting our pockets; never-the-less it’s not working. The pain and fear in man is at an epidemic, and an intimate relationship with the Creator is the only answer.
I am, by no means, the answer to mans’ travail, but my books do point to the problems and the solutions to what it takes to find that peace that all long for.,

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