The beauty in looking deeper

I’d like to look at the first miracle of Jesus’ ministry when He turned water into wine,: John chapter 2. I will only touch, (because of space), on this subject, but will attempt to open up a deeper meaning hidden in these scriptures. Hopefully, looking at this marriage in Cana of Galilee, we can see that God has hidden a more valuable message than the surface of it can produce. This is when His mother, (the earthly side of Jesus), said; “they have no wine.” and Jesus replied back by saying; “Woman, what have I to do with you?”

We are then told that after the Jew’s manner of purification, six stone pots were filled with water to the brim, and Jesus turned the water in them into wine. Although this is an abbreviated look at this miracle/parable, we can see, hopefully, that God has placed an outer meaning, (literally spoken about), an also an inner meaning, (one of a higher level).

Althrough the scriptures God has hidden His mysteries of a deeper relationship with Him for those that truly seek to know Him in a greater depth than that of the surface values spoken about literally. We all, for the most part, have been taught the earthly level, that of stone, of the scriptures by those that only understand their lower meaning, thus leaving many starved for the fulfilling TRUTH.

Stone represents the earthly value of truth, a literal meaning that can be abstracted from looking no more than on the surface. The commandments were written in stone, and have a far deeper meaning than to just not kill, or not steal, or to not commit adultery, and so on. We can kill by slander, steal by misrepresenting, or commit adultery in our heart, or by worshipping the things lower than that of God, which are all things.

Water is represented in scriptures as Truth, a deeper Truth than that of the stone value that can be taken literally, thus it was told to the servants to fill the six clay pots to the brim with water. All this happening as Jesus’ ministry was being transformed after the death of John the Baptist, and after the temptations from being in the wilderness for forty days and nights, and telling us that the “law was until John, but now is Grace.” Stone and water is represented many times in the Bible, such as when Moses was told to strike the stone, and later to speak to it, thus bringing forth the water to save their, Israel’s, lives. A stone, which had to be removed, covered the well in which Jacob was to feed his sheep. Therefore we can see that, in each case, and many more such cases, that stone was the catalyst to bring forth water; That the literal values of TRUTH begin on the surface, (stone), and with a desire to go farther, deeper, can fill us with a TRUTH of much greater value, (water), that comes from within; and by the husband of the vineyard can be turned into wine.

Wine is the fruit of the vine, and Christ said that He is that vine, and we are the branches. Wine is represented in scriptures as the Kingdom of God that lives within each of us; not the place that lives beyond the wide blue sky, for Jesus said that the Kingdom is within the heart of man. It is, spiritually speaking, that place within each that nothing else matters but the things of God: the most powerful, fruitful, fulfilling, and restful place inward in every man, the deepest of all TRUTHS. We can call this place LIFE, we can call IT the SABBATH, and we can attain IT by seeking a deeper relationship with the King of all kings by allowing the Truth to be turned into WINE.

Jesus said that He was the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE; the stone shows us the Way, the Water shows us the Truth, and the Wine gives us Life. Where will we build our house, in sand, or upon the ROCK? Do we have a thirst for this Water? Will we drink of this Wine, represented as His blood of Life?

These factories called ‘church’ will not teach this evolution of man that God has given each, they can only teach from the stone; the literal meanings. When calling His mother ‘woman’, Jesus walked away from the earthly part of His life, and began His Kingdom message.

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