Where are we going?

Well, with more than a few casualties, most of us made it thru ‘brown Thursday’, black Friday’, small business Saturday’, and cyber Monday. Whew!!!!! That’s a lot to go thru for a holiday that’s not been polluted by capitalism until recently. Has greed and insanity taken over the mind of the average American citizen by our pride and vanity? Has serenity been replaced by the need to be seen with the most toys, or be the first kid on the block to have another useless object of technology? Where are we going with this?
Thanksgiving Holiday has been my favorite holiday, if fact; it’s the only holiday that I observe. Until recently it was the only festive day that wasn’t commercialized, but look at it now. So many of the families couldn’t sit down and have a undisturbed day, much less a week-end, with each other because they either had to go on a shopping spree, or try to get over the one they had last night.
It’s looks to me like we all need to take a serious look at our selves, gaze deep down to the part of man that the eyes can’t see, the place where our true identity hides. The humanity of man brings all this about, but only the true identifying Spirit within can bring the peace that we all long for. There’ll be no lasting contentment, no long term positive results, that can ever come about by these egotistical habits that most call normal; that can happen only thru the inner man that truly does long for fellowship with God.
Most will say that they know better, but I’m afraid that these traditions are so deeply embedded by now that the addiction can’t be broken by the nature of man.
WOW!!! I thought I just stop and share a few fragmented thoughts of what I see going on in this ‘land of the free’. Most don’t even want to know what I think about this Paganistic “Santa Clause” season, but you can read the book ‘The Two Trees Within” and get the scoopy on that.

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