Hornswoggled in Love!


Hornswoggled in Love!

This world, which is enmity to God, throws out a net to contain and capture as many as would follow its empty rules, and the façade of the glamour it offers, with its so-called great morals, and the pie-in-the-sky attitudes reveals itself to all those that are seeking God and the relationship with Him, wanting more than this world can proposition.

Struggles, we will always have and this story shows many, but it will also show that these same struggles aren’t there to bring us down, but to take us to an appreciation of a greater life than this world, and its circumstances, are offering. These things that we call church are counted among those that are letting us down. This is a historical fiction, a novel of the life of the apostle Peter.

To receive your free copy, simply contact me below with your name and address. Or you can download either entire book you can click below. Also included is a small collection of radical gospel music by Kirby Dies songs from various albums- feel free to download those as well. Not meant to tickle your ear, but to feed your innards.


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