Made from the hands & head of man

How is it that so many think that loving ‘the so called church’ is the same thing as loving God? Let’s just stop a few moments and think: These weekly rituals and the festive holidays, and the pews, choir, stain glass windows, robes, pulpits, steeples, and a whole lot of other stuff is not mentioned in the Bible; nope, not even once. But the institution of this man-made organization insist on continuing with this nonsense.

Luke says, Jesus speaking: “Whosoever falls upon this Stone, (the corner stone which is Christ), will be broken, but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.” Man has tried to make his own cornerstone with the establishments of his own hands and head, put a steeple on it, called in as many as would pay homage to their works, charged them a fee, (tithes), and led many into believing that their platform of religion is correct. As the chief priest, scribes, and Pharisees were, so are many today.

It is God, and His son Jesus Christ that all of our attention belongs, for to worship anything above this is idolatry, let’s call it adultery, and is, because of their doctrines, leading many into the mind-set of their ideology of what Christ was establishing on earth; and of course it is NOT. The CHURCH is a people, not a place. We are the Church, a church of many members, fitly joined together, not built by the hands of man on the foundation of sand, but upon His rock, His revelation, it is built upon the faith of knowing Christ as Lord, and no other lord would come before Him.

Jesus showed us that He had to go into the temple and chase the folks out, and overturn their money changers’ tables; saying that you have taken My Fathers house and made it a den of thieves.

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