It seems not much thought has been given to why Christ Jesus was born on the exact date that He was born. Why did God pick that precise date, and why couldn’t it have been a year earlier or a year later? Most folks understand that God doesn’t make mistakes, and there’s really no accidents in Him. Therefore that determined day, the day of Jesus’ birth, was engineered with purpose to be exactly when it was.
The Sanhedrin, the scribes, the Pharisees, the chief captains, the Sadducees, and the priest, and for that matter everyone that were taught by them, had fallen into a rut, a crevice of mis-teachings that God was someone that He wasn’t. Man had strayed so far from the Truth with his own self-indulgent devices, with his religious rites and rituals, that God no longer, virtually, was seen as Who He truly is. The distortions and perversions that man, with his carnal thinking, and was laid upon God, hid the Truth of Who and What God truly is.
In my way of examination, if this had gone on much longer man would be forever lost in himself. We would have evolved into a society much like that of the folks of Sodom and Gomorra, we would have deteriorated to a complete lost stage. Man, with his intelligent carnal mind, with the works of his hands, and the places his feet could take him, was, at that time, leading only to that bottomless pit, the crevice of our own doings.
Therefore it was essential that God was to send His Christ, our Counselor, our Mediator, and our Savior, into the world to once again show His people of Who and What He really is; the God of relationships. Without this intervention from our Lord, and at this pinpointed time, mankind would have continued descending into this accelerating spiral of complete dysfunction.
But God did intervene on our by-half with His beautiful Son Jesus, the One that once again showed us the Truth about our loving God. God sent to us His beloved Son Jesus to again show the world His nature, and Jesus is to show the world our Father in His true Being. Before all is lost, Gods’ Love prevails.
Now, look around, look at what religion is doing today, look at the formulas that man has invented, said they were from God, and yoked their people with. It looks like today, as it was in the days of Sodom, and as it was in the days preceding the birth of Christ Jesus, that man again is in a downward spiral that desperately needs the intervention of our Lord. We’re doing it again. WHY?

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